b2b direct marketing

B2B Direct Marketing

IntelSmart can develop a B2B direct marketing strategy and create offers for a pre-selected audience.

We can offer you e-mail marketing, display ads, social media campaigns, telemarketing, mobile channels, including messengers, mobile app ads, and out-of-app mobile ads.

Direct channels are effective when you know your audience and have a clear and straightforward message for them. Our team can effectively create a message and distribute it to the right target audience.

We Offer

Email Marketing

B2B direct email campaigns may look obsolete for some marketers, but they work. Make it precisely targeted, personalized, clear, and understandable for readers, run AB testing and you will see that B2B email marketing can be a top tactic to communicate with your existing customers and generate new leads.

PPC Campaigns

The pay-per-click model looks very simple but requires careful planning and constant monitoring to optimize campaigns and improve cost per click (CPC). IntelSmart can create efficient ad copies and develop targeting and bidding strategies that will optimize your budget and maximize your conversion rate.

Mobile Campaigns

The usage of mobile devices is rapidly growing creating various opportunities for marketers. B2B decision-makers use mobile devices outside business hours. That leads to a growing role of mobile-friendly campaigns, campaigns in messengers, in-app mobile advertising, etc. Hire IntelSmart to improve your mobile marketing ROI.

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