B2B Social Media Marketing


Do B2B companies need a social media marketing strategy? No matter which markets you target and who is your target audience, the answer is “Yes”. Good B2B social media marketing strategy for your business to reach B2B buyers, increase their loyalty and retention and develop a strong communication channel with your target audience.

Of course, the importance of social media channels is not the same for any company or any industry. Businesses can use SWOT analysis to identify all strengths and opportunities applicable to their industry and business environment.

Sometimes Linkedin marketing is enough. For such companies, we created special B2B LinkedIn packages. However, usually, B2B companies can reach their audience through different social media channels. IntelSmart offers various B2B social media marketing packages to meet the needs of any business.

B2B Social Media Marketing
What can we do for your company?

Our benefits

Build brand awareness

We will build an extensive network of followers and readers that can become your leads and loyal customers. Speak loudly and clearly to your audience, get their attention!

Focus on the performance

Don’t waste your time on not-performing channels and marketing campaigns. We will analyze the effectiveness of each network and concentrate efforts on the most efficient channels.

Boost online traffic

Attractive content will encourage people to visit your website and learn more about your products and services. Gain new visitors to your website and generate leads with us!

Develop valuable content

We will interact with your target audience, posting interesting facts, industry insights, company news and promotions. Build a productive dialogue with your followers and communicate with them.

Install tracking pixel

We can install Facebook and Linkedin pixels. They will help you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and retarget audiences to improve the conversion rate.

Get personal attention

Social media channels offer an opportunity to target various groups of people and speak personally to each of them. We can help you to research your audience and personalize your offers.

Here is the list of our main social media networks

Our networks


Other networks, like Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. can be included on demand in the Ultimate package.

We have a solution for any budget

Our packages

Choose the best B2B social media marketing package and be sure your money will work for you to boost awareness and generate demand.


Starter package
  • Creation or redesign of up to 3 profiles/pages
  •  Profiles information completion
  •  Up to 2 unique posts weekly, that can be shared on different networks
  •  Hashtags for posts
  •  Spam monitoring and responding to comments
  •  Basic monthly reporting


advanced package
  • Creation or redesign of up to 5 profiles/pages
  •  Profiles information completion
  •  Up to 3 unique posts weekly, that can be shared on different networks
  •  Up to 2 paid campaigns monthly
  •  Hashtags and featured images for posts
  •  Spam monitoring and responding to comments
  •  Monthly consultation
  •  Advanced reporting


  • A custom B2B social media marketing package to maximize effectiveness
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