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LinkedIn B2B Marketing – does it work?

Is LinkedIn B2B marketing effective in 2021? In two words, it is. 

If we dig deeper into this question, we can see, that there are many articles and reports about the most effective B2B marketing strategies, branding and B2B lead generation channels. 

Many marketers have worries about social media and their ability to generate business-to-business leads. However, LinkedIn is way different from other social media. Of course, the Linkedin audience includes the same people, who have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But their behavior and expectations are different. This factor creates various opportunities for LinkedIn B2B marketing.

Why develop LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy?

Let’s review what the numbers say. According to recent studies, LinkedIn drives more social traffic to B2B websites and blogs than all other social media together. More than 90% of decision makers put Linkedin in the first place to find quality content. As a result, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Twitter and Facebook, which are the second and third popular social media used for B2B marketing.

There are many other interesting numbers showing that Linkedin B2B marketing efforts can be extremely effective. 

 1 – Linkedin generates more than 80% of all B2B leads come through social media (source

2 – Roughly two out of three companies consider their Linkedin B2B marketing campaigns as successful in terms of lead generation. (source)  

3 – 96% of the B2B content writers use LinkedIn to generate organic social media traffic. (source)

4 – 33% of the B2B decision makers use LinkedIn for their market research (source)

It is important to know that the number of marketers who use Linkedin continues its growth. There is no better place for B2B companies to connect to other businesses and decision makers. 

Get benefit with a company page

OK, now we know that Linkedin B2B marketing really works and can bring you value. Let’s review how to build a powerful presence on LinkedIn.

The easiest and the most obvious way is to create a Company page. If you do not just list your products and services but turn your company page into a lead generation page, it will become a powerful B2B marketing tool for your business. You can structure it in a way that leads visitors to click on your website or a landing page. Post updates that trigger website visits, add links to learn more into your descriptions, and, of course, use attractive images. 

Don’t forget to share updates on a regular basis. Make them different and interesting for your audience. Share interesting facts, useful statistics, and attractive visual content. You can also create polls to interact with your audience. If you have whitepapers or case studies, that’s fantastic! Such content will undoubtedly keep user attention and help you to get qualified leads.

You will analyze which updates have the higher engagement and optimize your posting schedule, making it conversion-focused. 

Create showcase pages

The next LinkedIn B2B marketing option is a showcase page. The showcase page looks similar to a Company page, but it is designed to promote an individual product, service, or any other business unit. 

How to understand that your company needs a showcase page? Just answer these simple questions. Do you want to catch the attention of a specific audience? Or establish a long-term relationship with a particular group of your existing or potential clients? In such a case, a showcase page affiliated with your company page is a solution.

Most of the company page tips are suitable for the showcase pages. But a showcase page will widen your reach. It is a good B2B niche marketing tool, which helps you precisely target your audience. 

We highly recommend having showcase pages for any companies that target more than one group of customers. Showcase pages help improve LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy and, as a result, better segment the audience and get more leads.

Use premium accounts

Another powerful LinkedIn B2B marketing tool is the Premium account. As you can understand from its name, this option is paid. Is it worth paying for it? It depends. At least you can try this option. Of course, if you buy a premium subscription, leads won’t appear by themselves. It is necessary to work on a daily basis to achieve results. Premium accounts give access to the advanced search and Inmail option. You will be able to track all your profile views and exponentially grow your network. 

Direct contact on Linkedin is more effective than emails and cold calls. With a premium account, you will identify decision makers, multiple your connections and, thereafter, send more direct messages. 

Keep in mind, that unlike company pages, with a premium account you act as an individual. That means all messages should be more personal. 

Linkedin offers a free trial for Premium accounts, so you can try this service and decide if you need a long-term subscription.

Try paid ads

The next LinkedIn B2B marketing option is a paid campaign. LinkedIn offers various ad formats, that depend on the campaign’s goals. One of their main strengths is rich targeting. Along with traditional geographic and demographic targeting, users can choose from about 20 advanced attributes. They include company size, job title, seniority level, member’s university, skills, member’s groups, etc. Moreover, even company name is available! The more precise targeting leads to the higher cost per view. But if you do everything right, you can deliver your ad directly to a highly engaged audience. You can avoid unnecessary impressions and target only relevant companies and people.

LinkedIn ad formats include sponsored content, message ads, dynamic ads, text ads and video ads. If we add flexible and convenient budgeting, we will get a powerful online advertising tool that can add significant value to your B2B marketing strategy. 

Get Started with LinkedIn B2B marketing

Now we have reviewed the most popular LinkedIn B2B marketing tools. We recommend companies to start with free options. Create a good-looking corporate page, develop showcase pages for your main products. Create a nice profile cover and ask all your teammates to use it. Participate in the group discussions, share interesting content, and you will see that even free tools can boost your brand awareness and generate qualified leads. 

Then, when all the basic things are done, you can proceed with paid tools. This tactic can maximize the effectiveness of your Linkedin B2B marketing campaigns. 

Of course, there are other Linkedin tools, which can be useful for your business. We have reviewed the most popular and performing ones. But if you want more, you can get a customized LinkedIn B2B marketing plan developed by nerds and discover a full spectrum of possibilities on this B2B social network.  

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