Marketing outsourcing

Marketing outsourcing: Why do I need it?

Outsourcing different activities is a widespread business practice nowadays, and it has been growing in the last years. Most of the outsourced projects are related to the IT industry, but marketing outsourcing is also common and can bring a lot of benefits.

There are different forms of cooperation between clients and agencies. Let’s review two different scenarios:

1. My company doesn’t have a marketing department.

In this case, the answer is clear. You can outsource all the tasks to remote hands that will provide a full range of marketing services—from strategic planning to execution of planned tasks and analysis of results. And you needn’t hire a full-time team. Instead of having 1 marketing manager on-board—who will spend 40 hours doing everything—you can hire a part-time team, where 1 person will work, for example, 10 hours weekly doing copywriting, another person will spend 10 hours weekly for PPC campaigns, and a third person—SMM, etc.

Imagine that you have a team, with a team leader and a designer, at the cost of a single specialist! Sounds good? The concept of the remote marketing team can make this dream come true. It is a flexible model, so you can increase the number of working hours as you grow!

If you need a leader who can create a complete road-map, it is possible to hire a head of marketing that will plan your work, arrange and manage other specialists, control implementation, prepare regular reports and discuss all important questions with you. You will receive clear data that will help you keep on track of every step, so you will be in full control of the whole process.

So, marketing outsourcing is a perfect alternative to a single in-house marketing specialist, who works by himself and is responsible for everything related to marketing and advertising. Find professionals who will pay attention to each small thing and make it work for you!

2. My company has a marketing department.

Even if your company has a marketing department, outsourcing can be a convenient solution for you. In such a case, you can hire a dedicated remote team member or outsource a part of the work, for example, Google Ads campaigns or SMM.

You can have an in-house marketing director, who will create your strategy and plan all promo activities, but the dedicated marketing team will be tasked with implementing it. With this option, you have full control over your marketing campaign, and there’s no need to worry about the agency having a different vision than yours. At the same time, collaboration with an agency gives you enough flexibility to add, remove or redistribute working hours between different marketing branches.

Why outsource?

Keep in mind the general advantages of any type of outsourcing. You don’t need to spend time and money on recruiting and staff training. And no need to worry about employee turnover. If you take advantage of marketing outsourcing, including a dedicated marketing team or an outsourced marketing manager, all these questions are solved by your outsourcing provider.

Imagine that you have a team at the cost of a single marketing director! Sounds good? The concept of the remote marketing team can make this dream come true

Additionally, companies have no obligation to pay social insurance and payroll taxes and save money on accounting and HR.

You can see that, in any case, marketing outsourcing is a convenient solution. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t do anything at all when you find an agency. If you want to beat your competitors, it is crucial to have a roadmap and develop the right implementation plan for the remote staff. It can be done either by you or by the remote marketing director, who needs to be in touch with you to analyze your marketing requirements.

And, finally, remember that any good result requires consistent work; one-time action is not enough. So, keep close communication with your agency. Both parties should be on the same page to succeed. If you find such an agency, one that feels your needs, you will have a great opportunity to write your success story!

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